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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 29, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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i'm katy zachry. >> i'm dray clark. our team of meteorologists has issued a first alert for weather because of the bitter cold blast. we have more on what it means for you from your ride to work to the new year's eve plans. low temperatures are threatening decades' long traditions. we start with meteorologist steve sosna and the forecast. steve? >> good morning, guys. we have that first alert through 8:00 this morning. the reason why -- it's still biting cold, and there's still a breeze. that will allow for temperatures to feel like single numbers. feels like 6 in wilmington, delaware. a touch better than it was yesterday. the real gusty winds starting to subside. it's still numbing cold. the temperatures, 15 in philadelphia. 12 in coatesville. 10 in perkasie. and 4 in mt. pocono. the feels-like readings are harsh. 13 in millville. 16 in dover. what do we have for you in terms
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of snow? nothing for today. a brief flurry in allentown. for now, just penguin weather. it may, like ice, have frozen conditions. low to mid 20s through the upcoming weekend. i'll break down the dangerous cold coming up at 5:38. let's look at traffic with jessica. >> thanks. that penguin's super cute. watching 1 around 17th street. the boulevard here looks good so far. both directions here, empty still. southbound not seeing problems. if you take mass transit, heads up for septa. see being 20-minute delays for trenton 2701. new jersey, amtrak, and patco on or close to schedule. i'll have another update in about ten minutes. breaking overnight in burlington tonight. firefighters are putting out hot spots from a house fire where they rescued three family members in the bitter cold.
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nbc10 was on the scene along union avenue. neighbors helped rescue two victims from the roofs. two people were taken to the hospital. we're working to find out their conditions. one firefighter was treated for an injury at the scene but is expected to be okay. we're following breaking news from the bronx. four children killed in an apartment fire. the youngest, just 1-year-old. flames ripped through the building last night as firefighters took on the blaze and bitter cold at the same time. witnesses saw people including children running for their lives down fire escapes. some were shoeless in this brutal weather. >> we're here at the scene of an unspeakable tragedy in the middle of the holiday season, a time when families are together.
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tonight here in the bronx, there are families that have been torn apart. >> investigators say the fire began on the first floor of the building. right now they don't know the exact cause. tradition. ♪ >> tradition th the cold could silence the mummers parade that marches through philadelphia every new year's day. randy gyllenhaal is live along the parade route in center city. the mummers are still holding practice. if that happens, it would be the first postponement for the mummers in nearly 15 years. >> reporter: you could say they were warming up yesterday, but that's almost impossible to do in weather this cold. have you ever stuck your tongue on one of those frozen metal poles? it is the same con tent at work as mum -- concept at work as mummers try to play marching street.
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♪ we were with the pennsport string band as they practiced some mummers concerned that their horns will freeze up, that the music won't sound as good as it's supposed to. it has been more than a decade since the parade was canceled. that's usually because of snow. a final decision will come at noon on saturday. for now, mummers say they're ready to go new year's day. >> it's never the same when it's not on new year's day. most mummers want to go. the city of philadelphia wants it to go. as of this hour, the parade is on. >> reporter: the city is preparing. they've got barricades they're setting up. we saw the stage at city hall also set up. warming tents available for crowds expected to gather. if it does get postponed, it will happen next saturday. nbc10 news. >> thanks. a fire department in bucks county is warning about how dangerous it can be to heat
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frozen pipes inside their houses. ben salem fire rescue posted pictures of the aftermath of a however on its facebook page. investigators ruled that fire an accident. they said the homeowner used a portable salamander heater to try to thaw his frozen pipes. here's what a salamander looks like. it runs on kerosene. it is used outside at sidelines of pro sporting events or outside. it is not meant to be used inside. the cleanup is on in erie, pennsylvania. people there are digging out after more than five feet of snow that fell this week, tomb in two days' time. home and business owners are shoveling and scraping. and it looks like they'll need practice because, get this, an hepected by the end of the year. you can keep track of the dangerous cold snap by downloading the nbc10 app. it has forecasts for the neighborhood and sends weather alerts to your phone. in northeast philadelphia, a
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family has at least some closure knowing there was no criminal activity behind their little girl's death. police investigators say the 11-year-old who died at a sleepover passed away from natural causes. this morning it's up to the medical examiner to give a more exact reason for her death. a neighbor found the girl unconscious at the home wednesday. she later died at the hospital. police say the crimiynal closed. in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood, surveillance video shows the moment a robber storms inside a restaurant, puts a gun to a woman's head, and chokes her against a counter. he also bashes another employee with his pistol and demands money from a cash register. the incident happened tuesday at the wing stop on aramingo avenue. one of the oerwners says his cr is shaken up, but he hopes the community will still support his business. >> people want to come and have peace and quiet and talk and eat
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good food. this taints it a little bit and keeps everybody on edge. >> the robber got away with an undisclosed amount of money. the person remains on the loose this morning. 5:37. officials are urging you to get your flu shot before the flu season gets worse. officials in pennsylvania and delaware report at least five people have died from flu-related symptoms this season. just yesterday, the division of health announced the state's second flu-related death. the cdc report a spike in flu cases across the country. look at this new video of a wild ride in new york. a spokesperson for the mint transit -- metropolitan transit authority describes the stunt as stupid, dangerous, and illegal. soon people hanging on to a bus as it weaved through traffic on christmas eve. and that person pacific coaoste twitter. the video has more than 34,000
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still not clear when the eagles will play their first playoff game. we know where you can snatch up the coveted playoff tickets. tickets go on sale next thursday through ticketmaster. standing room only seats start at $80. other seats will cost you as much as $185. there is a four-ticket limit. the eagles will play either on saturday, january 13th, or sunday, january 14th, against one of the wild card game winners. the birds will wrap up their regular season at the linc this sunday against the cowboys. we'll get you ready for the game starting sunday morning at 9:30 with "eagles game day tip-off" followed by "eagles game plan" at 10:00. 5:38. this is a live look at cape may, new jersey. a numbing morning everywhere. we're continuing the first alert through 8:00 this morning for the potential of dangerous cold.
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another dry morning. cloudy skies, teens. 13 in the lehigh valley. 15 in philadelphia. 15 in delaware. let's bring you to the jersey shore and show the neighborhood temperatures now. it's 15 in wildwood. 12 in dennis township. 12 in summers point. inland, even colder. nine in may's landing by u.s. 9. and 14 i so it's cold all the way down to the beaches. you will not escape it. from the poconos to the jersey shore. innse as yesterday. this is not a walk in the park. this is a tough morning to get through with single-digit windchills to lower teens. we're looking at another round of arctic air coming down in ways. that next wave will be an intense round of cold. that arrives on sunday a sunday night. we'll walk you through today first. the cloudy sky this morning. temperatures in the middle teens. the feels-like numbers in the blue are in the single digits.
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the sunshine breaks out, that feels nice. the winds lighten a bit, somewhat of an improvement. into the nighttime hours, clouds roll in. that is preceding the change for tomorrow. as we walk you through saturday, it may not be snowing at 6:00 a.m. there are the clouds. as we walk you through lunchtime tomorrow, snow will maybbenot a here, but light snow will accumulate. between a coating and two inches. it will be a slippery day tomorrow on any untreated surface. the forecast coming up at 5:48. >> we'll see you then. let's look at the vine street expressway as it makes its way through center city, philadelphia. jessica bod torning, guys. i'm watching the vine street expressway around the 24th street area. from this side, westbound here. that's moving toward the schuylkill. here's coming from the schuylkill expressway and wrapping around eastbound headed to 95. the vine street expressway moving through center city looks good.
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speaking of 95, following an earlier crash on the northbound side near columbus boulevard, that's all clear. it's been clear for a little bit now. 13 minutes on the southbound side from woodhaven to the vine. speeds into the 60s. even into the 70s on the northbound side. moving quickly out there. we'll end with mass transit. up-mine delays for septa's trenton train, 9701. new jersey transit, amtrak, and on time. >> thank you. staying in the dangerous cold. an expert breaks down justowor outside during the frigid deep freeze. and what a unique way to welcome in the new year. a look at the one-of-the-kind events area. and beware of neighborhood noise. the new fireworks law that makes it easier to ring in 2018 with a real actual bang.
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we're in the middle of a brutal and bitter cold spell that will stretch through next week. this is the live look at center city where peopleye's eve plans say can i still do those new year's eve plans. the plans include fireworks, ball drops, parades, all things that mean being outside in the dangerous cold. >> and dr. michael j.duman with the delaware county memorial hospital joins us live from the digital operations center. good morning, dr. duman. >> good morning. >> people are planning to be outside for the new year's eve celebrations with their children, their families. which begs the question, how long is too long before you need to be worried about being out in the frigid conditions?
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>> the single digits is definitely something to be concerned about for the holiday. dangerous conditions such as frostbite and hypothermia, once the conditions drop below single digits, can start to set in even as early as 30 minutes. >> what are signs that people should be aware of? >> frostbite is similar inways to burns. you'll have discomfort of the exposed areas, a feeling of burning or stinging. then you'll notice if you go back into the warmth that the areas may start to hurt even more. the beginnings of frostbite is frostnip. but if they progress, it can lead to more permanent damage. for hypothermia, something that
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occurs when you have more prolonged exposure, you can see patients become confused, may become disoriented, having difficulty walking. those are the ominous signs that would indicate they should be brought to the hospital. >> people use tricks to stay warm, using pocket heaters, drinking a lot of hot chocolate. what's one of the best ways to conserve heat when you are working or having to go out in the elements? >> right. anybody spending any amount of time in the cold, particularly over the holiday, should protect the areas of the body that are most susceptible to damage from the cold. they need head coverings, as heated can be lost more quickly -- as heat can be lost more quickly through the head and scalp. you need to protect the areas of the body most at risk for frostbite. those are exposed areas, nose, ears, fingers, and toes. you'll want to make sure that
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you have adequate coverings of the head, the ears, the face and nose, if possible. certainly mittens are better than gloves. >> thank you very much for all these tips and more as people are preparing to be outside as they ring in the new year. they're trying to stay safe. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. we've been telling people all week long, dress warm -- steve, not a doctor -- but telling people to dress in layers. all jokes aside. >> definitely. >> i do what the doctors tell me to say. it is one of those situations where you want to have all the layers. the name of the game is to have at least as little skin as showing as possible. you want to cover up everything.
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a one-two punch. wunch one is the dangerous cold as temperatures reach the mid 20s. lighter wind speeds, and that ld allow for the dangerous conditions. a light snow event tomorrow, comes in tomorrow morning. it wraps up by 6:00 in the evening. a coatingtwo. and then punch two, dangerous and awful. penn's landing, blue cross river rink this morning. the ice is in intact. don't have to worry about that melting .wille sending us some snowflakes here tomorrow. but today is a dry travel day. i know a lot of you have either family coming into town or leaving town. the airport should be okay. 16 in wildwood. 17 in rehoboth beach. feels-like temperatures range from 11 brie in mt. pocono to 8
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in philadelphia. and upper single digits in many of the suburbs this morning. again, not seeing the sub-zero cold that we saw yesterday morning. the arctic express continues, and the next shot of arctic air will be proceeded by some snowflakes here tomorrow. let's break it down and show the snow coming our way by 8:30, 9:00in first flakes falling. snow continuing through the afternoon hours. not a heavy snow, but it will leave a slippery coating in spots. this is what you can expect for tomorrow. the impacts, a coating to two inches in many of the neighborhoods. powdery slow. sometimes the minor storms are worse than major because people don't take them seriously. any untreated road tomorrow will be slippery. 28 on saturday. 22, biting cold for the's game on sunday. then as -- for the eagles game on sunday. then as we say happy new year's, sunday into monday, it will be bitterly cold. we'll walk you through more
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temperatures in more neighborhoods coming up. >> thank you. >> we'll check the roads. >> what are we seeing on 39? >> nothing. no problems on 39, the p.a. turnpike, normal morning traffic before 6:00. relatively light there. there is something blocking the road in cheltenham on southeasto might have a detour moving through there. and mass transit delays for the trenton train, 9701, for septa, about 30 minutes now. pretty significant impact. check before you go. other than that, amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco still good. >> thanks. nchlt if are you looking for something a little different to ring in the new year, pennsylvania is the plagues to be. the quirkiest e to be. celebrations take place in the keystone state. instead of watching the ball drop, you can see a 400-pound
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glowing peep make its way down the hole. it starts at 5:15 new year's eve. early enough to bring the kids. at kennett square, thousands are expected at the new year's eve mushroom drop. the 700-pound mushroom falls at midnight in the mushroom capital of the world. there will also be a laser light show and live music. in downtown hershey, count on a new year's eve kiss. chocolatetown, usa, raises a 300-pound hershey kiss at midnight. there will be live music and fireworks there. if you're staying home on new year's eve, ring in the new year with us. nbc10. we are broadcasting the sugar house skin new year's eve fireworks shows from the blue cross river rink. watch the first show at 6:00. and then the finale at midnight on nbc10. we'll be streaming the fireworks live on our nbc10 app. starting 2018 with an actual bang. the law that might mean a noisy start to the new year in your
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neighborhood. and new year's resolutions. so many of us make them. what about our children? experts break down the best and most attainable goals for your little ones. ú
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,000 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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it will be easier to ring in 2018 with a bang in pennsylvania. this is the first holiday sales season under a new law that relaxes rules on fireworks. people can now buy and use the full line of fireworks that roman with federal candles and bottle rockets are fair game. under the old rules, people in pennsylvania could only get novelty fireworks like sparklers. despite the new law, safety is still a concern. >> anyg aerial, you need to be on your own property. on someone else's property, you need permission from that person. you needs to be 150 feet away there a structure. >> the governor signed the law in october. it carries a 12% tax that
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experts predict will bring in $9 million a year. the laws for fireworks are different from state to constituent. in new jersey, nonexplosive and non-aerial fireworks are allowed. roman candles, firecrackers, and rockets are banned. in delaware, all kind of fireworks are completely off limit limits. septa will be adding service to help you get to and from festivities. they'll be doing special late-night runs and adding trains on lines through new year's morning. for the second patco will let you ride free between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. patco says riding free is a safe alternative during the celebration. if your plans include driving in new jersey, state and local police will be conducting patrols to spot drunk drivers.
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officials urge drivers and pedestrians to practice moderation if they choose to drink over the holiday. many of us make new year's resolutions. pediatricians say this is the perfect time to teach children to form good habits in the new year. the american academy of pediatrics suggests parents encourage preschool force do things like clean -- preschoolers to do things like clean up toys, wash hands frequently, and be kind to others. kids between 5 and 12 can resolve to exercise every day, use sunscreen, and tell an adult about any bullying they might see or experience. for teenagers, encourage them to resist peer pressure, to try not smoking drugs or using alcohol, and find healthy ways to do with stress. all good advice. kids have to deal with so much more than we expect. having a son who's 10, he's dealing with a whole lot more than you would expect for his age. good conversation to have. now to more of the stories we're following on "nbc10 news
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today" at 6:00 -- >> trapped by flames. breaking overnight, a neighbor rushes to help firefighters rescue a family from their burning home. all this in the middle of a bitter cold night. flu fears. the virus is gaining steam and starting to take a deadly toll across our area. the fireworks for the big shows in philadelphia are ready, but are you? we're helping you stay safe if you're heading outside to ring in the new year. good friday morning. this is "nbc10 news today," i'm katy zachry. >> i'm dray clark. different day, same story. still cold outside, in case you haven't noticed. we'll get to meteorologist steve sosna and the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. good morning. >> you nailed it. groundhog day. i'm living the dream here, as you can see. outside in philadelphia, another numbing morning. if you're sick and tired of the cold, unfortunately not much good news in this forecast.
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and this is the the -- the headlines i'm talking about here in the next half hour, what we'll discuss. round one of the cold will ease up a bit. that's a hint of good news. it won't feel as abrasive later on today. tracking the round of light snow on saturday, a coating to two inches. slippery on any roadway. round two is dangerous, sunday into monday, new year's day. current feels-like temperatures, 5 in the northeast. 13 in allentown. another hint of good news, you see all plus signs. temperatures feeling above 0 except mt. pocono where you feel like 7 below 0. looking ahead, temperatures in the mid 20s in philadelphia. low 20s in the p.a. suburbs down to the lehigh valley. feeling like 10 to 15 degrees. if that is cold to you, wait until you see the forecast for sunday. i'm the bearer of good news. let's see if jessica boyington has any bte


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